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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Recently, people have been asking me how the economic downturn has affected the business - or specifically - my business. Recession notwithstanding, it's really the authorities who affect my bottom line much more than any downturns in the economy. Maybe there aren't as many customers as there used to be - and maybe not. But the same old accounts more or less run the same ads - with the same budget - regardless of outside influences - that is - with the exception of law enforcement.

Houses open and close on a routine basis. That's a given in the industry. But when the police hit two or three places in a few days span...and those places are my clients...I see a big hole in my advertising list! And that hole is much larger than any recession has ever caused me. The fact that legalizing and generating revenue from this business just might help the government pull us out of this recession is a reality completely lost on our elected leaders. And the fact that the great majority of these places are run professional and immaculate is similarly lost on the same honchos.

I used to sympathize with the girls concerning their dislike for the authorities. But now I view them as simply part of the system - a group making a living the same way I do. It just is what it is and until New York State adopts the same attitude as Nevada, where the issue of whether prostitution should be legal is voted upon and applied on a county by county basis, law enforcement will be the single entity which affects this business more than anything else.

Recession OR law enforcement is NOT going to keep guys from following their primal urges. And so...the business goes on even in the face of a horrible economy and/or a super vigilant law enforcement presence. The lure is just too powerful. Don't believe me? Just ask the ex-Governor! And now...here's the girls!

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