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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well...sanity has prevailed and I've convinced the RED RIBBON girls to reconsider their advertising strategy. Thus, we now have much clearer images to pique our interest! Here we go!

As promised, I've found an Asian outcall with almost unphotoshopped pix of real girls! And it's called REDRIBBONNYC.COM. I know it can be extremely difficult to book outcall because essentially, you're running blind! So hopefully, this will help. The girls are centered in Flushing but their drivers go all over the tri-state area. Have GPS...will travel is the order of the day! 


  1. I can't believe my eyes, after all the crap you spoke about Vagina's site, you are copying their style.
    The pressure has gotten to you. I guess it's time to move on to the Vagina site now that you are almost duplicating them. It was your writing and your behind he scene commentary that made you the best and now look at you.
    Their artwork and graphics are far superior than yours but they are not you and they don't write like you.
    Your readers will see your failed attempts at being Gina and will leave or turn on you.
    Set the standard again don't be such a loser.

    1. I don't know why people have to be abusive like that. If you read the intro, you'd understand that this is NOT my design. The client did her own artwork. Personally, I don't like it and I said so but it's not my job to veto her creativity - just to run her pix in her style.

      I've always had a policy of giving new clients a splash the day they matriculate in the blog. It just so happens I've had a few new clients call in the past few days and so...they get their splash. Nobody's copying "VaGina (at least I'm not).

      Anyway...go fuck yourself. When do you burn out on being such an asshole?

  2. the layout of their photos is retarded. too confusing!

    1. I'm totally with you on this. I'm hoping in a few days she'll see the light and forward new artwork. But for the moment, let's keep our eyes on the message: REAL OUTCALL GIRLS!

  3. An escort service that opens their webpage with a douchey corporate "mission statement". It even reads like it was carefully considered by some HR imbecile. And the best part:

    "Should you ever feel that you have received less than perfect service, please call us immediately. Our telephone operators will bend over backwards to rectify the problem."

    Hey, post the pics of you phone operators on the site before we decide if we want them to bend over backwards for us, OK? Otherwise just sent one of the other escorts to atone for the less than perfect service, thanks.

  4. tried to head into the city to see bonnie the body but wtf was up with all the traffic? construction? tried to hop on the train but that stop no trains to manhattan. so came home and called this place. the dude i spoke to was professional, in 30 mins i had pretty decent chick in compassion to some other outcalls ive had. id call again for the same chick.

  5. ABC Ch 7 NYC newscast Saturday night broadcast a story about the recent robberies and rapes at local massage parlors. One in lower Manhattan where the girl was draged from the room and raped and the other in Flushing - both by the same perp.

    Here is the issue - the Manhattan massage parlor had cameras INSIDE the place in the hallways outside the rooms. That means there is a video trail of your presence in the place for LE to verify if and when busted, dating back how far? Who knows if they have cameras in the room. Gallagher's strip club in Queens has cameras in their VIP rooms, the speakers int he rooms, the small icon on the speaker is the hidden camera filming everything. Reasoning being that the girls are not supposed to do anything but dance in the rooms at $150 p/15 mins - yeah right! So what do they do with your but naked ass and the girl doing you, sell it for amateur video postings?

    So we must assume that the massage parlors that have interior cameras in the hallways outside the rooms with curtains and half walls also have cameras inside monitoring out activities. Do you trust them, I dont!

    Cameras at the front door, in the stairways leading up to the place but inside the place - unacceptable.

  6. dam i want to see all my pornos if they are videoing me........ur an idiot....vice would find the cameras in the rooms and the owners would be in a world of shit if they were selling the tapes.....if ur worried about being taped...heres some advice....get outcall girls

  7. I knew the gals in downtown massage place that got attacked. They were really good massueses, sweet and one is really really gorgeous. I hope they get the monster that hit them and others...real nightmare. I don't care if I was on the video from a few months earlier, it would have showed the lady giving real bodywork. damn

  8. Holy crap! Thank God for DB for convincing outcall places to have real pics! That's all I ever wanted for Christmas, and I'm going to give this place a good holiday season!