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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Like the parents who admonish their child not to drink on prom night "or else"...the long arm of the law is delivering a similar message for Superbowl Week: Fool around with escorts and you might find yourself in jail! Pursuant to that warning, law enforcement busted an Asian escort ring this week to drive the point home (pun intended).

I think I'm pretty much preaching to the choir here when I opine that the citizenry would be better served by the police allocating all that manpower to thwarting terrorists rather than concentrating on victimless crime. Yeah, I know. They're still on the trafficking bender. But as I've said before, the authorities are pretty much chasing a phantom when it comes to Asian girls in our city being hoodwinked into the escort rank and file. 

A long time ago when I was an undergraduate, my pre-law professor issued a quotation I still remember to this day. Witnessing a judge totally botching a case (at least that was his opinion), Professor Lewis observed "what that judge didn't know about the law could fill encyclopedias!" And I have a feeling that quote would work just as aptly when it comes to law enforcement and the escort business. 

I've been in and out of 990 6th Avenue on numerous occasions over the past 17 years. And I can tell you that a) with the possible exception of 40 West 34th Street, there are more Asian escorts per square foot in that building than in any other in Manhattan and b) I have never met one of them who was escorting against her will. 

The geisha thing is ubiquitous in Korean culture. It's more of a trade and service industry than anything else. Why Homeland Security and local law enforcement agencies think it's something different is a mystery to me. I just don't see it.

Anyway...the authorities' message is clear: You can come to New York...go to a bar...get blind drunk...and spend lots of money ingesting a poisonous substance (liquor). That's great. We make money every time you order. But have fun with a girl who charges you for the experience? Silver bracelets, baby! Case closed (so to speak).

What can I say? Stick with what (or who) you know. Hopefully, this initiative won't create a gap in LE's defenses wherein something really bad happens on the terror front while a significant portion of the force is dedicated to raining on a consenting adult's parade.


It is currently 24 hours since I wrote this entry and we now know more about the newest escort-related law enforcement initiative. As I suspected, this was a crackdown on an Asian outfit which advertised on Manhattan Cable. And that says a few things to me which are relevant for guys who read this blog.

The Asian incalls which populate the majority of this site are well-run, mostly drug-free establishments owned by what I view as decent and reputable people who just happen to be in what LE views as a marginal business. Whether legal or not, the girls provide a much sought-after service which most of the time meets with the approval of the buyer. 

But late night outcall is different. The owners tend to be lowlives who if they aren't drug addicts themselves...tend to employ girls who not only are - but deliver illegal substances along with themselves to clients who call in. For a long time, I wondered why the police were so vigilant when it came to Asian incalls...and so oblivious when it came to the real scum of the Asian business. And that odious segment (by me) are the shifty late night drug and flesh peddlers I hated dealing with. As a matter of fact, I disliked them so much, I stopped interacting with their crew completely...thus forgoing the income associated with abiding their bull shit. 

And if they weren't bad enough, scum belles like Robyn Byrd, who leases a big block of late-night time on Time Warner, left an even more bitter taste in my mouth than did the scoundrels who populate this particular community. I've always said that patronizing Asian outcalls which advertise on tv is a gauntlet best avoided. And now I'm doubling down on that statement. It's a haven for drug addicts - and has been for a long time. 

Byrd's advertising base is eroding away. One by one these businesses are getting hit. And maybe that's not such a bad thing. I'm less concerned with their legal standing than I am with their moral values. And on the latter, they are woefully lacking. 


  1. I don't understand why you're still harping on this Bill. We've all heard your stance on the subject. "Victimless crime"... "consenting adults"…"waste of manpower"...all that stuff. You already know how the argument ends. Despite the words to the contrary, the law is not gonna change anytime soon.
    Some jerks in this city have no qualms about theft, drug use, or murder. Does that mean the authorities should feel the same way? Obviously not. Just because you or I have never met a streetwalker with a sad story or a trafficking victim doesn't mean that they don't exist. Me? I don't see the fruitfulness of griping about things I can't change. I just roll with the punches.

    1. then stop griping about how bill posts HIS opinion on HIS blog.....cause you aint gona change it

    2. I'm not griping or trying to change Bill's opinion. I respect his point of view, even if I sometimes feel differently about it. I was "making an observation". That's the point of a forum.

      And it's MY opinion, so piss off.

  2. Steve you just griped about griping which makes you the gripiest.

    I think drugs should be legal, (they sort of are if you go to a Dr) and selling sex services should be legal and monitored.

    Human trafficing (slavery) is the one of the worst crimes and should be dealt with harshly. If lowlife trafficers are attracted to NY because of the Football and busted I'm all for rounding em up and publicizing it in case other low-life slave-masters want to come here and exploit women, children even men. (see south american and asian indentured servants)

  3. Bill, in the post below you alluded to how this group is different from a KMP but said you weren't going to go into it. You probably ought to to give your readers some comfort. There's no guarantees anywhere but these guys were doing some things to attract law enforcement attention that KMPs don't. You're probably right that John Law is up a tree with the trafficking stuff but the drugs, the ripping of of clients and all the other stuff is worth distinguishing from the kinds of places you normally talk about on the blog.

    It's probably also worth mentioning that they didn't go after Johns in this bust. They are going after Johns but they aren't getting them incident to arrests of the houses -- that makes for a bad case. They're doing it by setting up their own undercover operations where they can get the John agreeing to illegal things and where he can't claim he was just there for a massage and "ohmygosh is there prostitution going on here, I had no idea!"

    1. Dude, I think Bill's blog today...SEE TODAY"S POSTING ABOVE, "gets into the details you are asking for".

      Maybe you wanted some other kind of dirt?

  4. Nah, I just posted that before his update.

  5. If LE really wanted to stop this hobby it would be so easy now that the ladies all you social media. Clearly they understand the trade and hopefully will only focus on the people Bill refers to. Craig's List, Backpage, TER, Eros, etc are all well known to LE and a bust every now and then just makes people screen better.

    1. could you translate to english? No idea what that poster was trying to convey.

  6. I learned a long time ago that when someone says they are doing something "for the children," you bet your bottom dollar they are up to something truly scummy. So when they round up consenting adults for doing something 99% of modern industrial countries have no problem with, they need to evoke the sentiment "to stop trafficking."

    The real fault here is not the cops, not even the politicians, it's the mega-ignorant American population that so easily buy into basic, entry-level propaganda. I bet before the night's over, even some guy will chime in, "Yea but if they catch some traffickers it's worth it" without realizing he's been played like a retarded douche.

    These busts are not helping anyone. It's ok, they will be mostly deported and can go to work at some sweatshop with actual12 year old kids doing 14 hour shifts.

    1. ohhh if there was a like button i would hit it......well said hugh g rection

  7. how about a dislike button as well?

  8. Surprised to see Sabrina's pic without her face blurred up here. Thought you had the other one posted.

  9. I'msorry if I am late with this but would like to add my two cents...

    Of course prostitution is not a victimless crime, although one would ask who IS the victim given that the one buying sex is guilty of solicitation and the one providing services is guilty of prostitution, both crimes clearly defined by our penal code.

    So, who is the victim? Our society, of course, a society based on puritan values that does not understand nor tolerate that anyone find happiness by means other than hard work and praying to the Lord for salvation.

    Whom do prostitution laws protect then? People like the wife of former governor Spitzer, who can calmly go to bed knowing that all his late night outings are work related -untill he is caught with his hands on the dough, that is; or the people like family and friends of Richard Blumenthal, who can mention with all pride at their cocktail parties what a good man their son turned out to be; or anyone who belongs to the TRUE religion, whichever that might be, and that find it a pious act to enforce their values on others, whether they like it or not. In short, people who NEED to believe that prostitution is a crime and that these laws protect us or make us a better society. How mordant then that these laws fail at both, protecting us (and Mrs. Spitzer) and at making us a better society or, more precisely, the society Mr. Blumenthal would want us to be.

    But, is there a crime beyon this need? I would concede that soliciting could be -under certain circumstances- morally challenged. But a crime?

    And please do not mention that prostitution is a dangerous act and the reason for other crimes like slave trafficking or drug abuse. Unfortunately, families in Long Island have shown that modern slaves are also used for domestic service -so the problem here is slave trafficking, not prostitution: One does not imply the other (unless you believe that "Domestic service promotes human traficking"). I am also sure that drug use among prostitutes is no worse than among jazz musicians which, in turn, must be lower than that of average High School kids because if you want to play jazz you really need to study. Prostitution as a job must be as dangerous as being a cab driver in New York city; people that, curiously, pay a lot in taxes and licenses but don't receive any extra protection from us. So worrying now seems a bit out of character.

    Prostitution and solicitation are not more a crime than Adultery defined as "the woman that lies in bed with a man that is not her husband" that was active in a south-american country until 20 years ago. Well, women there woke up to the fact that this law was skewed against them and abolished it (notice that, with this definition, a man is NEVER adulterous). They also made prostitution not a crime as long as the prostitutes have monthly checkups with medical doctors. Quite advanced, eh?

    Could we think of legalizing prostitution here? Very difficult in this hypocritical society of ours that thinks that it's better to conceal themes like sex to our young than actually educate them (there are people in the US that want books banned because they teach teens about sexuality! Research it). Besides, doing so would make billions of dollars for law enforcement be re-directed to things like education and infrastructure. In the mind of many, that would be a crime.

  10. Some good points, I especially like ending with " Besides, doing so would make billions of dollars for law enforcement be re-directed to things like education and infrastructure. In the mind of many, that would be a crime."

    Very true. I would like to ad that while the research shows there are only the tiniest amounts of actual children in the sex trade in the US (and on the rare instance one is found, it is an outrage) there is actual proof that children are exploited in sweatshops overseas, sweatshops that supply chains like Walmart and Gap/Old Navy. Yet we hardly hear a peep about shutting down Walmart or Gap, even after that sweatshop fire in India wherein children were killed.

    As for the "trafficked slave" argument. Why aren't police using battering rams to knock in the doors of those huge Long Island homes/estates that have illegals working for less than minimum wage. They must like scrubbing toilets?

    It's all hypocrisy. It's also plain social control using a lot of the same PR methods nice guys like Stalin and Geobbels used for the same goals: a society that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves and their true interests.

    I bet there are some guys that read this blog and see kmp girls and still say "Duuh geee I hope the nice policemen grabbed up all those mean trafficker peoples and made the country safe for democracy." When they could be next to have their lives ruined for just spending a few minutes with some 35 year gal trying to save some money to bring back home(and spend here at Bloomingdales)

  11. hey DB i was the one who asked you about if LE would go after Johns with cellphone booking record, because i was in the 990 building just a day before the bust.
    i just found out the KMP i went to was not the one which was busted.
    like you said in this post, there is so much KMP in that 990 building........
    thanks again.

    1. cell phone booking record?....if they come to me i would tell them the truth..."Prostitutes? No never saw any of that. Wow no i went there for deep tissue massage."

    2. LOL.....i guess i was little over panic, i text them "confirm 3:30pm for 1hr. 400 roses"
      but is none issue now, because they did not get bust.