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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The bait and switch! Is there an older theme in the escort biz? Not that I'm aware of. Some people do it in moderation. And others? So outrageous it borders on the insane! How could anybody fall for their bull shit? So I'd like to give credit where credit is due...and feature two of the most egregious bait and switch artists the Big Apple has ever seen.

Now actually, I've featured these two before. But because they continue with their chicanery in an even more pronounced fashion, I just have to give give them their props today. 

Hustler #1 had a plan whenever I came over to visit her. She'd put her Apple laptop in front of me and hold out on the good stuff (actually, not that good) until I typed up some text for her ads. Her English sucks - and she's an idiot anyway - so the girl knew I could be of use - or taken advantage of - depending on how you like to parse words.

Since parting ways, I asked her nicely to not use what I'd written anymore. I figured there shouldn't be any residual benefit from our previous social interaction. She didn't agree. "Perpetuity" wasn't built into our verbal contract but the girl didn't give a shit. Not then...not now...and not for the foreseeable future. 

Anyway...click right here to see her totally fake BP ad with the text the girl feels she owns forever - and images of the most downloaded girl on the web: Denise Milani! She (my ex) asks not to be reviewed in her ad. I know why. Her previous reviews sucked. The girl managed to get them removed from TER and she certainly doesn't want any more. It's not that easy to get that site to remove content.

On to #2. This guy has really outdone himself. So I see a headline I wrote for a BP ad years ago just yesterday. It's word for word except the name Heidi has been replaced with Hana. Everything else is the same. I click on the ad for this one girl (Hana) and what do I see? Unbelievable. There are at least 5 different women pictured in the ad. Two are clearly stock photos downloaded from the web. What else is new? But wait! The other three images are stolen from New York houses within a mile of his ex-wife's joint (the girl he's posting for). And the girls whose pictures this guy has stolen are actually the owners of three Asian houses who appear on the sidebar of this blog! 

I gotta give credit where credit is due. This guy has to be the biggest asshole ever! Wanna see the ad? Click right here! It's really unfortunate that the woman he posts for is actually a very decent person (now that she's off drugs). But her tastes in ex-husbands? Deplorable.

OK! So you thought this wasn't a "psycho roundup" anymore? Guess again! And it's fuckfaces like these two who get me started all over again! Stay away from them unless you like to waste your money. Enough said!


  1. Bill, you should be taking more pictures at Jewels of NY. Jewels have been doing bait & switch (using fake pictures) of their girls lately.

    1. There's a manager there who does the photos now. He's horrible but what can I say?

    2. Notice no Jewels in the sidebar at all today.

      I loved the funny caption under the Sophia pic.


      A classic

    3. To Anonymous: Gentleman's Choice is a branch of Jewels.

      To Bill: I suppose the manager is not doing what's in best interest for the agency, but rather to feed his own ego.