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Thursday, January 23, 2014


There's a prevailing opinion in (and out) of the escort business which says that all practitioners of the trade are damaged goods. It's the only explanation for the way in which the girls choose to make their living. And mostly, I agree with the stereotype. I think I've dealt with enough escorts to be a leading authority on the subject.

Whatever...what I want to talk about today is the inherent double standard implied with this assumption. What about the consumers' modus operandi is any less damaged than the girls'? And since when did anybody establish that it's more undignified to sell "it" than it is to buy it? By me...the seesaw sits in limbo - and each side of the equation bears equal weight. The scales of justice need not be calibrated. They're completely level! I'll tell y'all a funny story from many years ago which illustrates my point. 

One night I was hanging out at an Action customer's house when from the room emerged a sloppy drunk customer - buck naked - who parked his naked booty on one of the leather chairs for a few seconds before staggering back to the room. 

It was a surreal moment for all in attendance. Kind of reminded me of the time I was playing with a show band in Newport, Rhode Island - when three completely intoxicated NYPD conventioneers streaked the stage I and the rest of the band were performing on! Ya know...like..."did that just fucking happen?"

Anyway...once the guy was back where he belonged (in the room), the girls let out a collective "ewww" in unison. And the boss (who also worked in the room) looked down at the chair the guy had been sitting in just a few seconds before to say "I guess I can throw that chair out. Who's gonna sit there now?" 

Of course, the owner didn't discard the piece of furniture and eventually, somebody broke the ice and sat in the sullied chair. But the point had been made. The girls all felt that the guy was a dirty, disgusting and extremely damaged piece of goods who far eclipsed any of them in that department.

So the question is: Now that you understand that you are damaged goods...do you want to be benignly damaged - or malignantly damaged? It's kind of like "are you a nice drunk or a nasty drunk?" Debating whether you're damaged in the first place is besides the point. You go pay girls for their time rather than hanging with the wife or trying to find a suitable mate the "normal" way (whatever that is)? You're fucking damaged. Case closed!

Personally, I wear my "damaged" sign with pride. What the hell? If I'm gonna be damaged (or am damaged) I might as well "own" it. Maybe that way it can work out for the best. 

Example: I was telling one of my "friends" about some childhood experiences which have made me the guy I am. Mind you...they're not awful. But they were a little damaging. After I was done revealing the inner Dollar Bill, the girl oozed "now I know why you are how you are!" 

Well...that could be a good - or a bad thing. But in this case it was the former. My revelations had disarmed her. She asked me if I loved her and wanted to know if marriage was in our future! I kid you not. Sometimes the truth will set you free. And sometimes it will bury you. Fortunately, it was door #1 on this occasion.

Thus, the conclusion is...when it comes to the sale and purchase of companionship, don't front! There's not a lot of dignity in either pursuit. And who the fuck cares? Don't judge and just enjoy yourself. That's what the whole deal is about. Doing what comes naturally and having fun in the process. 

So what if you're damaged. Do like Jimi used to say! "I'm gonna wave my freak flag high!" Couldn't have said it better myself! But before I go...a shout out to BRANDY and her return to JONY. After last night, I'm even more damaged than I was before! And I mean that in a good way! No further explanation required! I'm out!!


  1. Please define "damaged goods"? Sounds like a mean spirited euphemism for a psychological condition like perhaps a personality disorder. In the Psychiatric world the use of labels like "personality disorder" are frowned upon. Who wants to be told they have a borderline personality are damaged or some other labels? First thing to shed in any recovery is to transcend labels, clinical or societal. Labels do not help anybody but bullies. Everyone has traumatic experiences that effect their behavior in life. Resorting to calling people "damaged" is some pretty negative behavior in my humble opinion. "Damaged goods" is like the adult version of kids calling each other retards.

    Why bring it up, unless you want to make the point that Brandy kicked your booty last night? Even then it's kind of um a little retarded.

    1. Where did you get that Brandy kicked my booty? You sound like one of those undamaged people who are more damaged than the damaged ones. This post is all in good fun. it's about being who you are and being proud of it - not about name-calling. You're weird. Isn't there another blog you can comment on?

  2. It's always amazing to me how some (clueless) people misinterpret what you write about sometimes, Bill. How you have the strength to deal with "damaged goods"/retarded people like the poster above is a testament to your patience!

  3. No sorry there isn't another blog i can comment on, you got me DB just like all your other "Damaged friends", embraced my damaged weirdness baby. You seem to like it when I offer compliments.

    My reply to you was in fun, but with a few ideas that might make you think about words which you seem to use well, treasure and craft. My exception was the use of labels and easy-out expressions. "damaged goods" is bullshit, just like" I ain't gonna lie to you".

    When I wrote Brandy "kicked your ass" last night, that was a good thing, kind of like "she put a hurt on me"...a compliment.

    If you want to use labels, well we are all damaged Bill, and I can tell when I don't comment like a sycophant suckup you get mighty testy, like a man with a thin damaged hide. We're all on this bus together, short bus that it may be.

  4. Speaking of damaged goods, cantinflas still posts on TER as Gina's little secret. Who is he fooling?

    A good percentage of the population is somewhat damaged in some way or another having nothing to do with seeking p4p situations.

    It's when two damaged individuals meet up, it usually gets more damaging or depressing.

    1. Our wounds must be compatible.

      ps; Jin looks intoxicating

  5. This is just my personal opinion, but I don't think "damaged" is the word that really fits. You could apply that label to just about anybody, whether they be partygoers, pot heads, drinkers, wall street snakes or adrenaline junkies. Some of us might be lonely, frustrated, ostracized or just plain fed up with all the labels and deception we're confronted with time and time again. For guys, escorts provide a channel for those who don't have rippling pectorals, millions of dollars or a Casanova personality to steal a moment of happiness with a beautiful woman.

  6. I'd say that less than 5% of the population is undamaged. They are a privileged rare breed with a limited connection to the world at large. Guys named John certainly have their flaws in order to engage in such a questionable hobbies. It can be a (relatively) minor vice or can be one symptom of a larger psychological pathology.

    Pros have chosen a questionable livelihood. Some are making a rational decision, but many more are "working" because they have issues. Furthermore, if they work in the profession for any length of time, the environment they are in makes things worse.

  7. Sane escorts are like honest politicians,good luck finding one! There is no cure for these ladies,money will help relieve some of the distress.But I'am afraid the Damage is to severe.

  8. that's about the most honest post i've ever ready by you bill. did you read "out of the shadows" by pat carne? write more stuff like this. what were those childhood experiences you refer to? get into it man!