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Monday, January 27, 2014


I'd like to have a dollar for every time I've read a review of an Asian girl in which the guy says something like "she left me alone for 5 minutes for what reason I don't know and then returned ready for action."

So exactly what does the girl do in that 5 minutes that's so important? Well...having been witness to that 5 minutes, I can tell you she brings the house's share of the money to the manager. Then maybe she'll talk to her colleagues for a few seconds...or grab a few puffs on a ciggy. Ya know...normal stuff that you might expect.

Anyway...one night back when I used to partake with Asian girls...I found myself abandoned in the room for long enough that I ventured out to see what the hell was going on. Now if a client did this, the house wouldn't be happy. But I felt as the advertising man, I could get away with it.  So I sneaked out of the room to check it out only to discover that my fiance was taking a fucking dump!

Yup! The bathroom door was cracked so I pushed it open a hair (I couldn't find her anywhere else) and spied my betrothed pinching a loaf. Ewww!

But I'm an enlightened kind of guy. As gorgeous as a female can be sometimes, I'm aware that at some point, she has to take a dump. Just normally, I'm not there for the event. Oh well...serves me right for prying. 

Five minutes later, she returned like nothing happened and everything was copasetic. I'm not sure if she knew I'd seen her in the act but I figured she knew how to clean up well enough so I wasn't really concerned.

Whatever...maybe you shouldn't leave the room when your girl disappears as you might discover something that could kill the mood. Fortunately for me...it was late at night and I had a few beers in my gut. So I got over it. 

Moving on...LOLA is not the only beauty at JAY'S ANGELS (573-880-5297/jaysangelsxx@gmail.com). Check out JANESSA and MISTY. They're pretty hot as well!


  1. $bill, who was your betrothed that was cutting a loaf?

    I had a similar experience with Pinky back at HoneyHoney where the restroom was right across the rooms. Pinky excused herself, went to the backroom, then went to the restroom. I swear on my grandpa's grave, Pinky squeezed one of the loudest farts into bowl. I actually laughed out loud and she went to the shower, since I heard the shower turn on. I still had a great time with the famous Pinky and still miss her gfe like sessions.

    1. A Thai girl many years ago. Don't remember her name.

  2. If not pooping, and if you paid up front, then she will take the cash & give the house it's cut and take her portion and secret it away. She might smoke a cig while playing (then) angry birds or (recently) candy crush or perhaps watching the latest kdrama they are addicted to. Maybe instead of smoking she is finishing a slice of pizza or some kimbap (korean equivalent to japanese sushi maki rolls). The whole time, she is on her phone chatting with friends on kakao about which host bar they are going to party at over the weekend. She will rinse out her mouth with mouth wash, check herself out in a mirror, adjust her hair & makeup and spritz on some perfume & out she goes. There is your five minutes.

    Here on the web, we swap comments & reviews of girls, they do it in the back room about us during 5 minutes and after the session is over. Not proud of the fact that I have had to listen to them reviewing customers. As much as we expose our needs, biases, and fantasies through reviews, they have the same opinions of us. They know all about DB's blog, and TER, UG, Spahunters, BestGFE, etc. And if she can't read english, she will get someone she trusts to read the reviews himself and tell her about it.

    Any guy wishing he could take the interplay from beyond just a provider/customer dynamic is just fooling himself. You do not want to be in the position of being "No longer a customer". The sex dries up, the illusion fades, and you are left with realizing that we're all human. You could say it stings a little & you would be right.

    Still I'm not a hater of the kgirl or the kmp. How can I hate it as I am korean too.
    Pooping time, indeed.
    cheers all,

    1. Ouch! obviously, I left some things out! Thanks for expanding on the theme.

  3. Bill - Are you aware that the cover of Metro NY today has "CABBIE CONFESSIONS" on it?

  4. I was in the room and they excuse themselves while you get "comfortable". At JONY after the session I went to shower and the girl knocks on the door of the bathroom (this was at the old loft in the 20's) and the girl asks if she can piss while i am in the shower. I tell her ok but dont flush since the hot water will burn me when the cold pressure drops. So she went to piss. The the while another girl marches in to adjust her hair and grabs into the shower at my nuts. Very playful.

  5. I never wondered about the 5 minutes..you should have "spolier alerted" that one.

    Now those 5 minutes will never be the same again.

  6. i just sat down to poop...went on ur blog and the new post was pooping time! how appropriate

  7. I am an avid JONY customer. I have never been to an Asian agency before, so I have a question - When these girls leave for 5 mins, are those 5 mins of non-activity counted into your session time???

  8. where in the 20's did JONY used to be? was it lex and about 24th?

  9. You ruined the kmp experience for me. These girls are not supposed to poop. Only once in the morning before the day starts and they shower right after. Right? Tell me that's what most do or I may not be able to visit them again.

  10. JONY 24th & 6th old loft

  11. who got busted yesterday anyone you know? 37th @6ave

  12. Just curious to know what Pinkys boyfriend or hubby looked like.Young,old,short tall? I always wondered what kind of guys settle down with working girls, The thought of being married to a pro really skvee's me out!

  13. Does anyone know what percentage of the fee the girls get to keep? I always wondered about that.

  14. Honestly, I really dont know if it was her significant other, I just assumed it was by the way he was talking to her. I never asked who that was because its none of my business, but his tone toward her was more husband/boyfriend than her brother.
    The guy was an average korean dude. average height, average build, average looks and I would say about mid 30s around the same age as Pinky.