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Sunday, January 26, 2014


The hype is beginning. Last night, every network newscast led with the story that the Denver Broncos have arrived. The girls stand at attention with stomachs in...tits high...and noses in the air. They expect a division of lonely guys to stuff their wallets with benji's in the coming week. I'm not so sure.

There are only 60,000 seats at Met Life Stadium. The influx of spending consumers will be nothing like say...Halloween...or the Gay Pride Parade, both of which attract literally a million people. Sorry girls! I don't expect a windfall this week. A slight uptick? Maybe. But if you've been struggling, that won't change. 

Speaking of Super Sundays...I had one myself today. A few beers, a blow job, a nice boom boom followed by a plate of pasta and a win by the Knicks...and I slept through the Grammys. Of note...I didn't miss much. Checking You Tube, I discovered that the Record of the Year was a total fucking snore. What about that song is noteworthy? I guess I'm a geezer and just don't get it. But the Album of the Year's song "Get Lucky?" It's Chic 30 years later. Same producer and same rhythm guitar player. But ya know what? I "heard" it right away. It ain't Mozart's 40th but I see why the record was a hit. 

So one year ago, I predicted that Kacey Musgraves would walk away with the show in the country category. She didn't win last year...but she did this! I was a year ahead of my time. She won Best Country Album for last year's work! Go figure.

And here's my favorite Grammy winning record with Niles Rogers still strumming his ass off 30 years later. As the old saying goes..."what's old is what's new." And here's proof positive!


  1. the Super Bowl is not until next sunday night so you'd figure that most of the attendees would be coming in later in the week, like Friday or Saturday. It's not gonna be like fleet week.

    Grammies were a bore (surprise!) that song by the Royals was good. Nice to see Niles gettin some love.

  2. So is this a Chic song? Is it a cover of some other later 70s stuff? If not, good for them. As for that show, what a pitiful spectacle. It's a shame that the only remaining Beatles are the ones with little talent(ringo) and little integrity and coolness (Paul). Didn't want to see that. How disgusting was that? and Sean Lennon playing dress up like his dad? Embarrassing.

    To open the show, two of the ugliest and ignorant fuckers, Beyonce and Jay Z. What kind of mind control do they use that they convince the world she's hot? She would be attractive......for a horse. Meanwhile he looks like a gorilla. Two pieces of ghetto trash that simply got lucky. Their bodies of work collectively are unimpressive.

    Who the fuck does that self-righteous Mega-Skank Madonna think she is? How the fuck does someone with so little talent and intelligence take herself so seriously?

    And the youngsters around all needed to be brutally sodomized. Walking around as if anyone in that entire building wasn't a piece of garbage.

    I wish the old Jews that control the music business would just disband this Grammy stuff and let these scumbags fellate each other away from a national audience.

  3. Bill
    Whats the story with Bliss Steakhouse? Venue,ladies,etc>

    1. Review coming. They invited me over for Wednesday.

  4. get lucky is a pretty good song and its a great song when u compare it to the trash it was up against......i grew up in the 90's so maby im just biased but i love daft punk

    1. A lot of what you're loving is Girogio Moroder and Niles Rogers, 70's/80's icons who are responsible for a lot of the group's sound.

    2. If you actually love Daft Punk, you should realize what absolute shit that album was, and the song "Get Lucky" in particular. Put it up against anything from Alive 2007, Discovery, or hell, even Homework would mop the floor with that half-assed, sample heavy, mediocre bullshit.

    3. nahh it was a pretty good album, not great... but like i said compare it to the piles and piles of shit that was at the grammys and all of a sudden its sounds reallly good

  5. Hey Bill! Did you see that a prostitution ring got busted in NYC this week as they ramped up activities in preparation for the throngs of horny fans? Names seem to be mostly Korean.

    1. Yes, I'm aware. Korean outcall dispatched from 990 6th Avenue. I don't recognize any of the names but I'm sure I dealt with some of the people back when I sold for the Voice, BP and Manhattan Cable.