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Saturday, February 1, 2014


It is at once a bitter - and sweet - moment for me that one of my ex-colleagues is currently living what was my dream many years ago. After 37 years of compiling grist for his writing mill (via driving a cab), EUGENE SALOMON'S book "Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver" has just hit Amazon and the bookstores! And this is no vanity deal! Harper Collins is the Publisher and through somebody's publicity efforts, Eugene's literary offering has been featured in many of NY's dailies - with two papers lauding him on the front page!

It's a funny thing how luck goes. As a prolific writer of taxi tales way back when, I always hoped for the book deal Eugene got. That never happened...but in the process, I managed to author a couple of dozen cabbie op eds for literally all the New York dailies...and placed some of my lewder stories and observations in no fewer than 35 girly rags (Juggs, Screw, Gallery, Oui, Leg Sex, Orgy, High Society, Live Girls, Score, Voluptuous and about 25 more not worth mentioning). Still, my ultimate goal was never realized. I became the "cabbie laureate" and Eugene the published author. Just what the fates had in store for us respectively. Once offered a full time job at Action Magazine, the dream ended. My taxi days were (mostly) behind me...and my new career in adult ad sales began.

I don't know if Eugene's book is good, bad or indifferent (though it already has several solid reviews). How interesting a read it is doesn't matter. What's more important is how I feel  about the guy's 15 minutes of fame. Am I happy or jealous? If I'm happy, that would make me a good person. If I'm jealous? That would make me a loser. 

The truth is I'm way more happy for Salomon than I am jealous. I wish him all the luck in the world. How could you begrudge a writer his success - especially after hearing he's busted a New York hack for 37 years?

You might also be curious to discover that Eugene has a blog (www.cabsareforkissing.blogspot.com). But prolific he is not! I write almost daily. Eugene? Monthly if he's lucky. Clearly, the blog isn't his priority...but it does serve as a window into the writer's style (which is actually pretty good) - in case you think you might want to plunk down ten bucks to buy his book.

It's also worth noting the similarity between tell-all cabby books and tell-all hooker books - especially given that one of each has been published to substantial fanfare in January alone! That in and of itself tells you something about the American reader and his or her thirst for the salacious. With the exception of "The Happy Hooker," none of these have become big hits. But they must sell something because periodically and invariably, exposes on the two subjects hit the book stores.

Anyway...enough about hookers...and cabbies...and their wannabe books. Good luck to all of them!

Moving on...you'll note two new buttons on the top of this blog titled BEST GFE NY ESCORTS and BEST GFE NJ ESCORTS, and links to their forum below each and every sidebar pic. So now there is not only a "submit a review" button for ADULT FAX...but a "discuss on best gfe" link to take you to their site as well.

I know that this blog right here is the ultimate resource for guys who seek the companionship of escorts (yeah, right), but there are other useful guides as well, and Adult Fax and Best GFE are two of the best. It never hurts to compile as much information as possible before taking the financial plunge. That's for sure. And these two are good places to start (or continue) your research.

As for the group who came to infect Best GFE...they have pretty much been purged...so you don't have that to contend with all that when visiting the "new" Best GFE (it was sold to a new owner). Though I've been critical of the changeover, I still maintain that the site is a viable resource - and one definitely worth visiting if you haven't before.

OK! That's enough with the commercial. The Superbowl is almost upon us! How can I even think of anything else? Here's what I'm rooting for:

1. For Peyton to do well. Class guy all the way.
2. For Seattle's deaf guy to shine. Class guy all the way!
3. For somebody on the Broncos to show Richard Sherman that he is not the best cornerback in football (even if he is). Regardless, this is Sherman's big chance. If he really shuts down the opponent, Sherman will become the new Muhammad Ali...a guy who doesn't just talk the talk...but walks the walk as well. But if he gets burned and his team loses? He'll be just another loudmouth chump...of which there are apparently waaaay too many on an NFL football field.

Anyway...I'm a little disappointed that the weather is going to cooperate. I'd have loved to see a snow bowl...or at least a frost bowl. But alas...not to be. What would have happened to Bruno Mars' hair in a snowstorm? That would have been a sight to see!


  1. You haver allowed or sold out to a banner ad for BestGFE knowing full well what that swamp was infested with-total scum moderators and posters extorting the providers for favorable comments.
    You also claim that the site has been sold to new owners.
    Well the same IT guys and mods are controlling the boards.
    Here is a prime example: Those that were banned from the site on a permanent basis for battling and speaking their minds against the crew of jackasses controlling and deflecting intelligent cross action and their lackey mod friends are unable to get back onto the board since their e mail addresses are still in the junk pile of banned members.
    Obtaining a new anonymous e mail address still bans the person since the ISP and codes associated with their computer trace back to the banned poster.
    Being banned for battling the dim witted extortion Trident crew and their friends on the truth, the style, the obvious shilling caused banishment.
    If truly there are new owners, not just new formatting then those that were banned should be allowed back to read and comment.
    But it seems its just a facelift, by the same old owners, same mods and certainly the same IT guys who set up the banishment profiles.
    You have thrown your readers under the bus with the sellout, so now do we believe any comments on your sidebar ads-Hell NO!!! They fall into the same belief that the Trident crew posted to obtain extortion money, free sessions etc.

    Tell your new banner advertiser that they should correct their banishment emails and truly act like new owners to fool the public.

    Cannt believe you have sold out to this group just to post and collect a banner ads fees.

    1. Best GFE was sold to new owners. That's not even an issue for debate. Believe what you will. I don't know if the old banned members can get back on with a new handle. If it was even money, I'd bet they could. There IS a clone site - almost a twin of Best GFE - which I believe is where the group you mentioned has gone.

      The rep who bought the banner deal from me is somebody I've known for a while. She used to work at Eros. I don't feel like I've bent over by selling them a "package."

  2. I used your banner as the link to the new owners site.
    I battled aggressively with the Trident group, countering their accuracy of posts.
    The mods banned me and to this date, even using your new banner link I am not able to get on.
    Changed e mail addresses, changed user name, password etc no go.
    The site recognizes the ISP and code that is associated with the computer.
    You need to speak with your pal the new owner. Get the IT guys to open the portal so banned members can get back onto the site and increase traffic.
    Hundreds of people have been in the same situation since they too have fought the Trident losers and were banned never to return again.

    1. I have sent this comment to their rep.

    2. Some of you are waaaaay too into this.

  3. Canti & his crew are on the new Best BGFE under aliases and they still shill the boards, pressure the girls. New owner or not, its the IT and moderators that are under the thumb of the Canti crew and nothing has changed.
    Same dirty site with shills running the reviews, smacking down any opposing comments or reviews (bad reviews never get posted if they contradict Canti and his quid pro quo deals)
    When the site turned dirty I stayed away, no intention of coming back.
    $B, are you so hard up for $ that you allowed a baner ad from a known enemy and piss site, with the excuse that a new owner has taken over but the game is still corrupt?
    Have some integrity, even if you are a hoes ad medium.

    1. There are some people whose ads I won't accept. The new owners of Best GFE just aren't one of them. I seriously doubt that "the group" has any influence on the original Best GFE at this point. They're off on their own site. Now if the other Best GFE wanted to advertise here? That would be a different story.

    2. canty,s new posting handle

      on all sites is:

      bobs your uncle

  4. This is Evey from the "new" BestGFE... I wanted to respond to some of the comments here...
    1. We are in no way, shape, or form connected to the previous owner of BestGFE or any of the "crew" that previously ran things there.
    2. One of the first thing we did upon taking over BestGFE was to let go of the previous moderators. We believe it is best to employ in-house moderators that are not directly connected to the community to avoid potential issues with favoritism and serving self-interests. Aside from our in-house moderators the only previous moderator that retains limited moderator capabilities is DeenaSavage. As far as we can tell (and we keep an eye on it); her work is fair and unbiased and based on love for the community (particularly the independent escorts that rely on the site for their livelihood).
    3. We have not gone back and listed old bans because we don't have history regarding why they were given. Based on the comments here I am going to inquire with our IT folks if it is possible to lift all bans that predate our management of BestGFE. (There are WAY too many for me to do this manually).
    4. If you are banned currently and think you should not be please email me (ads@bestgfe.com) letting me know your username and IP address so I can look up the account history.
    5. DB has been in this business for a very long time and knows our history so when he says he can guarantee BestGFE has no ties to the old management he knows what he is talking about. We are still learning the site/community and feedback like this is very helpful. So, please feel free to email with any suggestions or issues that we can use to grow BestGFE into the best and most trusted forum for the entire Northeast.


  5. Evey,

    I'm a longtime BGFE member who stopped visiting the site soon after you took over for one simple reason -- your site started to display pop-ups for Eros and AdultFriendFinder *after* I left the site. That means you planted a form of spyware on my computer.

    Several people posted messages in the so-called 'welcome" section, asking if you would promise this would not happen again. No one has replied.

    If you really want the community back, addressing this issue would go a long way toward helping bring back people like me who actually did write reviews, did use the site to shop for girls and who have far too little time to get involved in all of the insider gossip.

    As an aside -- BGFE used to be a great resource to find the newest KMPs in NYC -- this site is now the only place to get that information now.