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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So I was in the middle of reading some old entries on this blog. It wasn't that I was jerking myself off so much as I was searching a term to see if I'd told a certain story before - one that was to go into tomorrow's contribution to American literature. Sometimes, I get a burst of inspiration and write 2 or 3 blogs in a row. I'll use the first and then bury the others in the archives for a day or two before it's time to post them on top.

Within a few minutes, two things became evident. First is...I had told the story before. So I had to edit tomorrow's post to not repeat myself. But second and more important...I came to the realization that finding interesting old posts is much easier when I search a word than if I simply go back 700 posts and peruse titles looking for something interesting to reread or repost. With the latter method, I often feel distressed at how lame my writing is and ask myself "why would anybody want to read this crap? I know I don't!"

But if I search a word (or term), I invariably come up with a string of interesting posts which make me feel like I'm not doing all this work in vain. And I have no reason why that is. I'm just happy to find some old stuff that makes me laugh. Weird!

Anyway...right in the middle of me masturbating to my own genius, the phone rang with SECRET DIARY (917-531-1867) on the line...telling me they have a new girl named KRIS. And if I don't feature their new girl immediately after the call, the boss gets agitated. Thus...post #2 for today...or the equivalent of a second shot on goal - if you will! Whatevv...here's KRIS!

And here's a new girl from RED VELVET LATINA GFE'S (212-752-1796) who's looking pretty hot, too!


  1. Hey Bill, whatever happened to Aqua? She no longer in NYC?

  2. Hi $B, did something happen to Asian Pandora, their stuff is now merge with Butterfly. Their new place did not work out?

  3. Bill, Any idea where to find Ginger who quit working at gentleman's Choice???

    Thanks Much

  4. Has Kylie from GC poped up anywhwere yet?