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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Continuing my research on the big bust from last week, I found a picture containing images of all 18 people charged with various crimes. Generally when these initiatives come to fruition and the world gets to see exactly who got caught up, I know or at least have dealt with many of the arrested at some point in the past 17 years. And to my surprise, I recognized nobody from last week's event! Go figure.

A few months ago, somebody asked me if I knew so-and-so to which I responded "I hate to disillusion you but I don't know every escort in New York City! Gimme a break!" And viewing the picture of the 18 accused was proof of the pudding. I do remember calling the "Wave" ad from their late night advertisement many years ago. But it wasn't for a girl - or drugs. It was to try and persuade them to advertise through me. I knew they were Somad's client...and I desperately wanted to steal something from Somad, as they'd stolen sooo much from me. But it was just one phone call...and it went nowhere. I lost my hard-on and simply never followed up!

Anyway...when I read that the organization was known as "The Butterfly Group," I remembered that they'd been huge Time Warner advertisers with ads on not just Byrd...but Ben and Steve as well...to the tune of 15 to 20 grand per month - and maybe even more! It was also alleged by a girl I know who worked there that all the girls were drug addicts...that virtually every client was a "party' call...and that she had to quit because being around all those drug addicts didn't appeal to her.

So there you have it! Dollar Bill out of the loop! I knew of the organization but I didn't know any of them...proving what a big business the escort industry truly is in New York! Seventeen years in the business...you'd think I know everybody! But you'd be wrong. The mother fucker is just too big. 


  1. The tv news reported that some of the girls taken in (escorts) were 13-15 yrs old.
    Big trouble for the client list and the telephones seized with names and numbers and outcall addresses.
    This is just the tip of the investigation.

    1. Don't believe what you hear. Any Asian outcall girl I've ver seen was waaay over the age of consent.

    2. The bust that guy spoke of was yesterday different one, sounds evil.


    3. Thanks for the clarification. I missed that news.

    4. Yer welcome. It was the big story in town yesterday, other than the weather.

    5. Well I guess if they say it, it must be true. It's not like the FBI and other LE would have their own agenda and try to make it look like they were truly "rescuing" people instead compiling arrests and collars. And of course the news media has no agenda either and are going to give honest, investigative reporting.......bawawawawaw

  2. hey Bill, think you could give us a post updating on how Kylie is doing. Enquiring minds wanna know. Thnks man.

  3. Hey Bill, I am ignorant. "A party call" ? I assume that means an escort and drugs, yes?

  4. These people are connected with other folks, it's probably not over. What's funny to me is there's a white guy in the center. Bet he has some stories but would hate to be associated with him.