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Sunday, February 9, 2014


If you're a guy who watches sports...you know the Cadillac commercial with the milfish hottie who all the 40 to 60 something dudes lust after as she picks up her kid from school in her flashy new Caddy…all while the song "Stacy's Mom's Got It Goin' On" plays as the soundtrack. And actually, I think it's one of the best commercials on television.

So anyway…I went to You Tube to check out the song itself which I somehow remembered hearing before. Within seconds, I found the original recording and watched the full video. And I gotta tell y'all…given our culture's repressed attitude…I wonder how the record company, producers and artist on this record aren't behind bars.

Here's the plot of this video: A clearly underage teenage boy visits his classmate not because he's interested in her…but because he wants to fuck her mom! Excuse me…but isn't this one of those underage issues everybody gets in such a snit about? Ya gotta see this video. It's extremely suggestive. One commenter even observes "there really is porn on You Tube!"

Moving on…remember my post about the girl I knew who was seduced into the business by a Lifetime movie about Sidney Biddle Barrows? Here's an even more egregious recruitment video:
Eddie Murphy's Saturday night classic "I Wanna Be a Ho"…a skit in which he recruits girls ("you too can be a high payin' ho"). Not only is Mr. Murphy spreading the gospel…but he's alleged to have convened with multiple trannies from Screw Magazine!

And while I'm on a bender…let's talk about Asian escorts who when caught up claim "they made me do it!" Horse shit! Own your station in life! Say it loud…you're a crack ho and you're proud! Talk about doing your sisters a disservice! Every time an Asian escort bull shits a law enforcement agent to save her own ass she reinforces this insane mythology about Asian girls getting trafficked against their wills and forced into the escort business. Fess up! And don't blame it on your employer. You like the easy money! That's why you're in the business.

OK! Enough! I'm playing devil's advocate here. But check out "Stacy's Mom" and "I Wanna Be a Ho." And judge for yourself!


  1. I think I remember that video about "Stacy's Mom". What teenage kid hasn't gotten a hard-on for someone's mom growing up? Testosterone can be a crazy thing. Reminds me of that song "Sweet Cherry Pie" by Poison(I think). How horndoggish was that?
    Anyway, while a lot of the stuff on T.V. and the radio can be suggestive, they are just and only that, suggestions. We have television shows and movies that glamorize drug dealing and the people involved in that think it's victimless; that doesn't make them right. You've even got pedophiles out there who trade kitty porn and they don't think they're hurting anyone either.

    We all know cardinal rule of "Caveat Emptor", but the principle goes both ways. Everyone doesn't always have a choice, but in a perfect world, maybe they would.

  2. Tracy's mom, not a Lennon McCartney classic

  3. Velvet Jones book sold out on glAmazon.

  4. Back when SNL was actually funny.

  5. how about this for youtubeporn...and an Asian woman with talent...