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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A while back, one of the few late night outcall owners who wasn't a drug dealer (that's why he didn't last) approached me about starting an escort site which featured not just photos of the girls - but videos as well. At the time, this was a fairly revolutionary idea. The technology was new and virtually no escort had posted a video of herself on the web to attract customers.

I told him I thought it was a great idea - but there would be one significant problem: Girls didn't want to show their faces so there would be an inordinate amount of pixilating work involved - a job which would take too many man hours to make the project financially viable. And the idea stopped right there. 

Fast forward 10 or more years and the situation has changed dramatically. Not only does eros.com now have a button with which to post your video on its site…but girls have taken to shooting r-rated videos and uploading them on You Tube so guys can see them in motion. Conceptually, this is a terrific idea. No picture can convey the amount of information that a video can. But this is a double-edged sword. Preening for the camera to show off your awesome physique is an act strippers excel at for sure. But coming off as an intellectual force to be reckoned with - or even a person with a little substance is something entirely different. And at that, the girls fail miserably.

I'm reminded of an old JONY girl I once dated briefly who posted a video of herself to titillate the boys. I had just faced the cruel reality that she was an idiot. And when I viewed the video, the girl removed all doubt! I could only shake my head in disgust that I even considered her to be anything more than what she was! Shame on me!

In her wake, many others have followed to gyrate for the video cam…or alternatively to phumpher through banal dialogue in an attempt to impress prospective clientele with their charms. But I can recall only one in which a girl delivered her lines without constant "umms"…"ya knows"…"or ya feel me's" punctuating the essentially substanceless introductions.

Still, there is something instructive in viewing the girls' efforts at videography. Just yesterday, I was checking one of these clips out - one with considerable production value (all things being relative). The girl had obviously paid somebody north of $1000 to produce a tasteful presentation.

Unfortunately, her efforts were almost completely lost on this viewer. The girl has fake tits…skinny legs…and virtually no appeal that I could see. Yet, I'm sure that she earns thousands per week doing her escort thing despite the physical shortcomings. Regardless, I was impressed...thinking to myself "Imagine! I wouldn't  fuck this girl for free and I'll bet that via her chosen career path - and the accompanying glitzy video - she makes more than some high to mid-level corporate management guys! 

What a business this escort thing is! No wonder why so many girls are attracted to making a living in the field. Even if your video sucks…and you're a complete idiot…you can still make big bucks as an escort. Kind of speaks to the state of the male gender…and how we think with our little heads most of the day…that girls can make so much money just doing what comes naturally! 

Whatever…I'd just like to see one video from one girl that doesn't make me cringe in embarrassment! Oh well. What are ya gonna do? You can't have everything!

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  1. Dollar bill what you say is so true . The male gender is an embarrassment at times. I remember dating this one girl when I was 16 and she told me she liked how I didn't hit on every girl and just a selected few . I used to turn down pussy in high school mostly because I knew chicks talked way too much didn't wanna fuck the ugly chick and lessen my chances with the fly chicks.

    That stuck with me for years even now I just can't fuck anything and if I do well I'm a guy so its happened before . I try and not let anyone know lol. As far as escorts go I've maybe stayed once when the pic was obviously a lie and the girl was ehhh at best , ima a man so it happens . However you see a fake pic walk out and stop treating all chicks like they are a gift from above . I act like I'm a gift for them and it usually works . What I have to do is sometimes bring em off their pedestal that thirsty men have put them on .

    Fellas try it fuck em good and act like you're the shit don't over call of text them oh and you as a man are busy from time to time don't drop everything for them. Women love to be dominated and pursue non interested men . Step your game up gentlemen .