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Friday, February 7, 2014


In case anybody missed this, I'm turning a comment from a few days ago into today's entry. I know there are some who will call me a whore for doing this...but I proceed undaunted confident that this paid political announcement (actually not paid) is for the good of all who read this blog. 

Basically, this is the new BEST GFE'S olive branch concerning banned members from the last regime getting themselves reinstated and/or rumors that the site never got sold and the original owner and alleged corrupt mods still control the board. Plus, if for no other reason, I publish this today because it is perfectly-written without one typo or error in grammar or syntax. And while that may not be a first - it's pretty close. 

You may also notice a changing  of the guard with some houses themselves - versus girls who work in them. JONY is gone for the moment as they're contemplating switching locations. That downtown address isn't working for them. I know they've been there for quite a while but the honchos were never in love with that spot. It's just not an area the majority of their customers find convenient. So while they're in a state of flux…they put their ads on hold.

Next, HOT ASIAN is no more! The building is to become a hotel and the owner let all the tenants know that the wave would be crashing to the shore on February 1st. I see a new ad on Backpage about Asian Devils (or something like that) with a picture containing a Hot Asian logo. But my understanding is they're not affiliated. Also of note: The devil place has some fake girls in their ad. So caveat emptor if you call.

And finally to ASIAN PANDORA/ASIAN PARADISE. The new location was a bust. All kinds of problems. So they're closed for the moment as well.

So what are ya gonna do? Easy come easy go with houses who appear on this site. Just in one week, three are gone…but BEST GFE and soon-to-come ADULT SEARCH and EROTIC MP are poised to take their place. 

So why the sudden interest from national (or international) review sites and adult directories? Beats me…except there are over 1000 regular customers who visit this blog every day! And they're not Backpage guys mindlessly clicking one of the voluminous links I used to place on that site to bring traffic! Virtually all of the current readers have me "favorited"…as there are precious few links from other sites to this one.

That's a good thing - and the big boys seem to be aware! So anyway…enough of me jerking off to my own fame (as if). Here's Evey's letter/comment. She's the big muckety-muck at Best GFE. Or she's their mouthpiece!

This is Evey from the "new" BestGFE... I wanted to respond to some of the comments here...
1. We are in no way, shape, or form connected to the previous owner of BestGFE or any of the "crew" that previously ran things there. 
2. One of the first thing we did upon taking over BestGFE was to let go of the previous moderators. We believe it is best to employ in-house moderators that are not directly connected to the community to avoid potential issues with favoritism and serving self-interests. Aside from our in-house moderators the only previous moderator that retains limited moderator capabilities is DeenaSavage. As far as we can tell (and we keep an eye on it); her work is fair and unbiased and based on love for the community (particularly the independent escorts that rely on the site for their livelihood). 
3. We have not gone back and listed old bans because we don't have history regarding why they were given. Based on the comments here I am going to inquire with our IT folks if it is possible to lift all bans that predate our management of BestGFE. (There are WAY too many for me to do this manually).
4. If you are banned currently and think you should not be please email me (ads@bestgfe.com) letting me know your username and IP address so I can look up the account history. 
5. DB has been in this business for a very long time and knows our history so when he says he can guarantee BestGFE has no ties to the old management he knows what he is talking about. We are still learning the site/community and feedback like this is very helpful. So, please feel free to email with any suggestions or issues that we can use to grow BestGFE into the best and most trusted forum for the entire Northeast. 



  1. wow that stinks hot asian had the nicest facilities....and easy parking on that street

  2. The best GFE site is a nice idea in theory. At this point they don't seem to have enough quality ads or postings by providers or reviewers. Maybe and hopefully that will change and it will turn into a worthwhile resource. I'd say your site has more useful info and up to date news than them, keeps me coming back! Definite shame about Hot Asian, nice place, curious to hear about any new location.

  3. Gee willickers I loved JONY being downtown. Are they sure it's the location that is the problem?

    Please stay!

    1. Nothing is etched in stone. They're going through a transition period.

  4. In response to Envy:
    No person in this hobby would like t "e-mail" an IP or user name to you for confidentiality reasons.
    Even setting up a false e mail on Yahoo or G-mail takes too long and hasles on the office system montioring systems of e mail accounts.
    An IP address is dangerous, since it tracks back to our companies servers and most companies use dynamic IP addresses for security/hacking reasons, so that wont work.
    The only solution is an immediate lifting of all previous bans-almost all bans were based on comments, arguments with the mods and the crew that controlled the site.
    They always ststed on the ban "too much BS" and "banned for life", "lifting of the ban Never"
    Go back to all user names and just reinstate all past user names, its that simple.
    Not on an individual basis, too much work.
    If the old crew gets back on, you will immediately be able to spot the users based on false reviews, shilling, attacks on counter reviews etc, if your new mods are truly honest and up to the task of reading between the lines.
    The new site needs readers and commentators to survive, we dont need to have the hassles of new e mail addresses just to express our opinions and lifting of bans-thats is counter productive to our anonymity and would violate our employers internet policies. Dynamic IP addresses change every few secs, so we dont know what is used and when they are used. That wont work unless we give our home IP addresses but cable IP's change dynamically every time you log on.
    When you bought the site didnt you see that you had thousands of banned users, so you were buying a site that burned its most prolific users for political gains by the old mods and crew.
    You bought a horse with 2 broken legs who can not run any longer and is need of desperate repair.
    Fix the problems immediately before the patience of the old banned users expire and we all go elsewhere for our fix.

    1. Evey, I think this guy is right. You have a huge database of banned members. Those usernames fall into three categories. And unfortunately you don't have the ability to tell which usernames fall into which categories.

      1) Spammers. The bots who create these spammers move on and create new names when their old ones get banned. You can unban the old names without consequence. This category probably account for 80-90% of the banned names (shout out to Dave Berry!).

      2) Shills and other people who needed to be banned. It wouldn't be right to pretend this group didn't exist and you're right to want to keep them banned. But because of number three below I think you're better off letting them back and instructing your new moderating crew to keep an eye out. They'll re-reveal themselves quickly enough.

      3) People banned by the old management reasons you would disagree with. These are the guys (and a few providers) you want back to repopulate your site.

      I think that since the odds of category 1 reappearing are slim and you'd benefit mightily from the people in category 3 returning it's worth the pain in the ass that reinstating the people in category 2. Just lift all bans and trust your mods to do their jobs.

  5. JONY had LE issues according to the bosses at the downtown address, thats why they closed. Same public info dispensed as when they were on 9th Ave and midtown on 46th. Always biz related but really LE issues.
    Whats with your girl Kylie, heard she is behind the scenes with her daughter in an outcall running out of Flushing?
    Thinking about your comments and defense of her, she played you as she plays everyone with attention and flattery but never got in touch for over a month.

  6. JONY does not currently have LE issues. That I can tell you for sure. Kylie is not my girl and she never played me. She on occasion gave me excellent back and neck rubs while in the common room for no particular reason and with no agenda. You don't know what you're talking about. As far as the outcall thing…could be true - or not. I haven't heard anything.

  7. So Bill what do you think about Bestgfe and Evey's statement? Did I miss a previous post? I can say a few things that they won't like but cutting them a break. It would be based on semantics of #1 of the statement. I tried to copy two posts from here onto GFE(woman are like buses & damaged goods) because that first statement about buses I had used a few days earlier. Dam security check came up so it didn't post.

  8. Your key word with JONY was that they CURRENTLY dont have LE problems. Currently is defined as the exact present period. Yesterday or the day before or week before doesnt constitute CURRENTLY but the LE problems did exist very recently. Dont play word games as if you are an attorney or politician and try to twist words for the clients benefit. LE was all over them and came a knocking recently, and then puff they shut down. Just like when they were located on 9th Ave, but then officers were posted for days outside the front door.
    Now to the excuse that leases were terminated immediately because the building is being converted. Other tenants and current tenants KMP have a lease under whatever name but a valid lease and they cannot be quickly terminated without substantial compensation to the tenant. For the owner, management to achieve this they need to take the tenants t courts, months of no rent paid, businesses staying in place and then the judge can rule in the favor of the tenants and force the owner to buy out the tenants or allow them to live out their terms. Most commercial leases are for 5-10 years at a fix sq footage rate.
    I dont believe the story about the KMP closed due to landlord converting the building.
    Dont play your readers for idiots, we are not.
    Regarding Kylie, she massaged you to achieve good write-ups on your blog. Thats being played for the word smith that you are the the increased business.
    She is working/owning a outcall in Flushing with her daughter. Get with the news!

    1. Kylie has a daughter?

  9. 1. I wasn't plain word games about JONY. They have not had LE problems today, yesterday. or at any time that I'm ware of in the past several months - or years for that mater.

    2. If there's something going on with Hot Asian besides what I said, I'm unaware. But there could be more to it than what I was told.

    3. Kylie never messaged me anything. You're tripping. I have no idea what she's doing now. Kylie was a passing acquaintance. i have never had a phone conversation with her - or any conversation outside the factory. I don't know Kylie like that.

  10. Kylie has called me about allowing a visit from one of her outcall girls, since that is her new line of work. Must say, the English was too good for Kylie so I questioned further as to how they had gotten my digits. Well, it was Kylies daughter and mom then got on the telephone, so high and slurring words.
    I said i would come over to their telephone base to jump on Kylie but not to my home. That didnt go over to well, since she said that she will only do outcalls.
    So, her loss not mine-world is full of stoned out hoes who are over 45 years old still trying the hustle.

  11. Well if you are in the know... what outcall service, number? care to share?

  12. I'm not pimping her service or her girls. Never liked her, thought she was a drug fueled hoe, an actress and a hep factory with her tattoos.
    Anything for the dollar, anything.
    Do your research, you can find her service thru her ads.

  13. I've been looking for her ads, haven't been able to find any.... but will continue to look. Bill, any help?