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Monday, February 3, 2014


I thought it would never happen again. Ya know...like I could fall in love! And then there she was...on You Tube of all places. Just one look and listen at her video and it was a wrap. How could those little fingers be doing that? I always thought funky bass players had to be guys...and usually black...and have big, fat fingers. Yet there she was...thumping away with the big boys...defying logic - and stereotypes.

I almost forgot how sexy accomplishment can be in a woman. Suddenly, it's not about her phat booty...or her big tits. It's just about how hard-working and talented she is...that can make a guy fall.

The great majority of the girls we know can be extremely attractive. Beautiful hair...gorgeous faces...expensive makeup to make them look even better...amazing clothing to accentuate the positive. And on and on. But somehow it never seems that anybody has combined talent with hard work to achieve the elusive: accomplishment.

I wasn't really thinking about how that's what's been missing in my life. A woman of accomplishment. Talk about a rare commodity on my landscape! Yeah, I know plenty of girls with the physical attributes...and the technique between the sheets. But can anybody write words and melodies over the musical tracks I compose? Can anybody capture in words what it's really like to be an escort?Yeah, that'll happen...the same day I wake up with a 24 inch dick!

So anyway and without further ado...I offer my new girlfriend...and an old one from many years ago who had the same effect on me when I saw her video. Just one look was all it took. Witness my version of true love - Korean style. Here goes!


  1. Don't give all escorts short shrift. There are plenty of talented and intelligent ones. Their blogs are some of my favorites. Check out Tits and Sass, Because Im A Whore, Honest Courtesan (maggiemcneill.wordpress) or Nightmare Brunette for starters. Their writing is intelligent, sensitive, creative. Something about the mix of being an outsider, yet knowing full well how society works and how to survive at the edges, makes for great writing (Yeah, you too).

    1. There was one girl who had a great blog - true enough. Then her last entry talked about her coughing up green stuff and that was it. Gone forever with no explanation. Anyway...while your point is valid, I just haven't found any artists in the escort community. I'll have to google your references.

  2. It sad but most of you guys that patronize KMP's think that the girls that work in these places are typical Korean girls, and the fact is they are far from it. Korean girls (normal ones) are very sweet kind and have tremendous talent. They make great life partners.Don't ever confuse real Korean girls with the crackpots that make their living on their backs.

    1. We shouldn't make blanket statements about women, pros or not, regardless of nationality. Some working girls are not damaged and some civilians are damaged.

      I can perfectly understand the allure associated with an Asian working girl, most of the time, you're getting the best of them when you visit. Spend some time with them and friends away from their office and the real world sets in.

    2. "Some working girls are not damaged" If you really believe that you sir are a fool of epic proportions!

  3. Yea right escorts with hidden talent. I herd that Gucci (Hot Asian) plays Classical Piano and Sunny (naturalDDD) wrote a few articles for the Wall Street Journal!

    1. I happen to really like Sunny. And her chest has nothing to do with it. She's not a conniver at all!

  4. Hi Bill!

    Blog that you enjoyed from the Pennsylvania happy ending masseuse is back!
    Her name is "CJ"